Cease & Desist

The Biggest Missing Piece in the IA Channel ft Chris Paradiso

August 18, 2021 Ryan Mathisen, Andy Mathisen, Sean Mulhern Episode 3
Cease & Desist
The Biggest Missing Piece in the IA Channel ft Chris Paradiso
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On this week's episode of the Cease & Desist podcast, Andy, Ryan, and Sean are joined by Chris Paradiso of Paradiso Insurance and Paradiso Presents.  He’s been an independent owner for 23 years and is well known for his use of marketing and social media in his agency. He started Paradiso Presents to educate and empower agents and associations within the independent insurance industry. 

Andy trying to get Ryan and Sean into twitter
Making fun of twitter trolls
Sean’s twitter account is crickets
On twitter you can be a little more apologetic
Ryan’s burning topic of conversation…
Andy tells a story (because of course he does)
Can the NCAA justify sanctions given the new rule of NLI
Ryan doesn’t feel the NCAA needs to equalize the power in college sports because they don’t do it at the next level
If you’re an top tier college athlete you’re basically gambling
Athletes getting their bodies insured
Introducing Chris to the podcast
Meaning of the Aaron Lewis of Insurance
What drives Chris to be a leader and influencer in the insurance industry
What are thoughts on all of the M&A in insurance right now?
When State Auto sells to Liberty Mutual, for example, it reduces our carriers, and the number of carriers matter
Ryan addresses the thought that those who back insurtech carriers are helping fill the carrier market for agents which is a positive
“I’m not sure the Hippo of today will be the hippo of 2-3 years from now”
Paradiso Insurance’s motto is “Shop Local, be local, eat local. Do all things local.”
The biggest thing missing in the IA channel, bar none, is the relationship between agencies and carriers.
Chris states “The big aspect, a red flag really, when I don't have a relationship with a carrier rep or they don’t have a rep. What kind of relationship do we have?
Relationships are a two way street. We both have to do our part to make this system better.
Agencies should be asking their carrier reps: What can we improve on with you?
Relationship with an underwriter is just as important for the carriers
The onboarding process at Paradiso Insurance is represented by taking a proactive strategy not a reactive strategy.
Educate your client on all of the other products you sell
Sean points out that communication with your prospect can win you deals
Chris says every time I get on an airplane I ask the person next to me, “do you know what an independent agent is?”
“We have a lot of respect for agents that don't just crush the market but care about the market and actually do well by the industry. You don’t just sell insurance you educate. Help a client, help an agent.”